Because it has been 2600 years since Buddha Shakyamuni has hidden appearance, Buddha's teachings have become nearly forgotten.

Entering the 20th century, as a result of pursuing only the development of scientific civilization, the global village confronts the environmental problem and the crisis of a nuclear war. And, the people's minds have been getting more and more dim as time passes by, with bloody incidents and murders continuing endlessly.

Although we are confronted by political confusions, economic instabilities, and a war crisis, we are chased by the daily lives, without having any room for looking at the surroundings properly. That is us, who are living in the present age.

Buddha Shakyamuni had taught us the way for wars to disappear from the global village and for everybody to help each other and live in happiness.

This road first begins with possessing one's mind properly. All the problems taking place at present on the earth begin from the minds of the human beings.

Hence, Buddha teaches that human beings train and straighten their minds. From a straight mind come straight words and behaviors. By having one's mind and behaviors straight, the family and the society become good. And, therefore, the peace of the country and the world get materialized.

HBS is a religious order which practices the change of one's mind into the mind of Buddha by having all the people believe in and practice Buddha's teachings in daily lives.

This homepage is for conveying Honmon Butsuryushu's teachings and the joys of faith to even more people. It has been opened to become a court for communicating with the believers and to provide a meeting place for the people who pursue a proper faith.

We pray that all the people visiting HBS's homepage obtain true happiness by believing in and practicing Buddha's truths.

Thank you.

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